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Our member's web site started in 2003 and consists of many thousands of pages of  material transcribed from original documents and other types of material useful to researchers. This site has the largest collection of Cape Breton genealogy information available anywhere. Our collection is large and varied, please take the time necessary to become familiar with the site. Be sure to check the HOW TO NAVIGATE SITE section below on this page.

Below you can find -  A SAMPLE OF SOME OF THE MATERIAL AVAILABLE WITH MEMBERSHIP showing some of the material that is found on the website in the members area. 

 Our records include an ever increasing collection of Cape Breton related material. No site can have every record for an area, however, our records are vast and increase each month. We have the following types of records - books, cemetery records, census records, monthly magazine the Ezine, family trees, historical records, land grants, maps, helpful links to other sites, military records, newspaper items, obits, parish records, school records and more.

We think of our website as a digital Cape Breton genealogy research library/museum.  We assemble Cape Breton genealogy research material, from many sources, in one easy to access site so our members can do their research from the comfort of their homes.

You must be a member of the CBGHA to view the records on this site. Membership is only $25.00 per year for unlimited access to the website material and you may join at any time of year and get access for a full year.

The samples below will give some idea of the material available on the website but there is so much more.

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November 29, 2013



The CBGHA has received a number of inquiries about the obits that were available by email from the Rootsweb site.  Below you will find a copy of recent correspondence in which we try to explain our understanding of the situation.  The good news is that the obits can still be found on the CBGHA site.


The Cape Breton Genealogy & Historical Association does not operate the rootsweb site. The CBGHA, via Carol MacLean,  has provided the obits to the rootsweb site, as a courtesy, for the last 13 years but we have no control over the operation of their site. We continue to forward the obits to the rootsweb site but for some reason, they are not sending on the information. The rootsweb site has had some difficulties for some time.


The CBGHA has published the  DAILY OBITS  on our website for many years and they can be viewed by all CBGHA members. The obits can be seen back to 1998 at the following link - http://www.cbgen.org/node/3276    Many older obits and obit indexes are available on the CBGHA website, in the Records section under Newspaper.


Below you will see an email that was received, 8 August 2016 by one of the CBGHA Directors from rootsweb (ancestry.com) when he inquired about the trouble with their rootsweb site.






Thank you for contacting RootsWeb in regard to access of the Mailing Lists.


We are sorry that you are encountering trouble accessing the lists. We will do all that we can to assist you.  The Roots Web site is undergoing maintenance.  Access to some areas of the site and its respective data is not currently available.  This includes the Mailing Lists.  Once the maintenance is completed these issues should be resolved.


We do not have a time table available as to when this work may be finished unfortunately.  We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.


If there is anything else with which we might assist you, please let us know.



RootsWeb Support Team


Email: helpdesk-post@rootsweb.com

Customer  (Phil Irons) (08/06/2016 11:15 AM)


For several days, I have been trying to link to the Rootsweb Archiver for the mailing list CAN-NS-CAPEBRETON, but I only receive an Internal Server Error. I have tried several other archived mailing lists in the Index, only to receive the same error notification.

Are you aware of the error? When can I and other users expect to be able to connect to these sites again?


September 9, 2016

The CAPE BRETON GENEALOGY & HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION is pleased to announce that the OCTOBER 2016 EZINE is now posted to the website  www.cbgen.org   There is a large amount of new research material in this issue. We extent our thanks to all our contributors.

September 19, 2016


The Cape Breton Genealogy & Historical Association posts a wide variety of material of interest to anyone interested in Cape Breton genealogy and history. With very few exceptions, this material is gathered by the volunteer members of the CBGHA. We are confident that all the material submitted represents many hours of diligent work and is high quality research. Much of the material was copied from original sources and is a great asset to researchers. The volume of material posted to the CBGHA site makes it impossible to verify all the material that is submitted.

We are confident that the material on the CBGHA site is of excellent quality and was prepared with all reasonable care but human error is a possibility. We suggest that the above statement be considered when doing your research and if you disagree with any of the material found on our website you should review the original documents.