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  Our member's web site consists of over 600,000 pages of  material transcribed from original documents and other types of material useful to researchers; over 25 GB of information related to Cape Breton. This site has the largest collection of Cape Breton genealogy information available anywhere.

 Our records include an ever increasing collection of Cape Breton related material. No site can have every record for an area, however, our records are vast and increase each month. We have the following types of records - books, cemetery records, census records, monthly magazine the Ezine, family trees, historical records, land grants, maps, helpful links to other sites, military records, newspaper items, obits, parish records, school records and more. 

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November 29, 2013
 The CBGHA wishes to announce a new DVD of Cape Breton County Marriage Records containing 1859 digital marriage records for the years 1903, 1904, 1905 & 1906 only. This is a limited run of DVDs; in the future these records will be available for download when making a purchase. This DVD can be ordered in our on line store for $25.00 including postage.
The CBGHA gratefully acknowledges the work of CBGHA members Anita and Thom McCabe in preparing these records. A great deal of time and effort was required to prepare a project of this type. Most records contain information on the bride and groom; where they lived, where they were born, how they were employed; there may also be information on the parents of the bride and groom. Marriage records can be a great source of information.

More information is available and you may order the new DVD at the following link     https://www.cbgen.org/node/4310


https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/images/cleardot.gifThe CBGHA is currently offering all our other Marriage Record files for download for only $12.50 - one half our regular price. Details on these records can be found in our online store. There is no limit on the number of records that can be ordered.
March 23, 2014


The Cape Breton Genealogy & Historical Association posts a wide variety of material of interest to anyone interested in Cape Breton genealogy and history. With very few exceptions, this material is gathered by the volunteer members of the CBGHA. We are confident that all the material submitted represents many hours of diligent work and is high quality research. Much of the material was copied from original sources and is a great asset to researchers. The volume of material posted to the CBGHA site makes it impossible to verify all the material that is submitted.

We are confident that the material on the CBGHA site is of excellent quality and was prepared with all reasonable care but human error is a possibility. We suggest that the above statement be considered when doing your research and if you disagree with any of the material found on our website you should review the original documents.